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Lauwer is a contemporary art gallery in The Hague, The Netherlands. The gallery represents artists that build a bridge between their world and everyday life. By applying this focus Lauwer aims to contribute to the accessibility and diversity in the arts. With exhibitions and activities Lauwer hopes to show what art can do for art lovers, collectors and new art audiences.

Analogue, craft & collectible items.

Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk © Lauwer, courtesy of Dagmar Sigrid

Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk © Lauwer, courtesy of Dagmar Sigrid


Lauwer is founded in the end of 2017 by Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk with the intent to emphasize the relevance of art through interdisciplinary art forms and topical subjects. The gallery started a year thereafter with a particular selection of (inter)national artists and an unconventional programming. Inspired by the believe that art is a reaction on what is going on in society, the gallery positions itself as a small visual art organization that can carry on by sales.

Kruyswijk is an Art Historian specialized in Photography (MA, Leiden University) and a Fashion Strategist (MFS, ArtEZ) based in The Hague, where she works as the owner of Lauwer and as a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Art.


advisory board

Adele Varcoe, Fashion Researcher and Performance Artist
Bart Epskamp, director reiskundig.nl, winner FD Gazelle Award 2017
Helen Westgeest, Photography Theorist Leiden University
Katharina Gaenssler, Artist and Photographer