Laila Mubarak (b. 1979, NL)

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Not her lush curls nor her lingerie attracts the attention, but the discrepancy between the power that her body radiates and the hesitation, the uncertainty that is within her glance, captured by Mubarak precisely as well as subtly.” Mischa Andriessen, poet, writer and reviewer on the exhibition opening of 'Laila Mubarak – For Who She Is', 26 October 2018 at Lauwer.

Laila captures inner processes. Often her subject is the young woman or young man and the life events they live through. The body language and the little differences in the face and hands that unveils a state of 'being', fascinate her. “How much can we still perceive? Do we see more than our own projections?” These are questions she wishes to ask by means of analogue photography series. With a camera and knowledge of Gestalt therapy Laila gets through to the person that sits in front of her.


Guest Artists


Paul Knight (b. 1976, AU)

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Paul Knight’s photographic work has evolved from large-scale analogue prints of unpopulated domestic interiors to intimate depictions of the life he shares with his partner. He engages with the photograph as if it were an object which has the ability to be reflective but essentially uses this reflectivity to its own ends. Knight’s work typically uses intimate situations as inspiration for both its material and construction.

It is through Knight's interest in the potential of the flat-form of the photographic print to contain space and volume, which has led him to the weaving of hand made cloth. These woven works often have as their starting point utility items from the domestic or everyday and are re-imagined to reveal the relations between people and objects.


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