Nowadays a gallery can have multiple functions. Lauwer is transparent about how it operates in order to be accessible for art lovers as well as clients inside and outside the arts. Artist-in-residencies, museums, educational institutions, collectors and individual artists have already called on the services of Lauwer. For appointments and questions, send an email to

The Lauwer Mix © Lauwer

The Lauwer Mix © Lauwer

  • Acquisition advice: a professional look at the (starting) art collection, guidance of expansion and change.

  • Collection management: advice on management and conservation of the collection, description and archiving of art works.

  • Concept development: a project and presentation plan according to the rules of a fund or other established frameworks, an exhibition concept with coherence, a practical publication plan.

  • Copy writing: an apt artist's statement, inviting texts for different media, a goal oriented marketing strategy.

  • Lease of art: lease Lauwer's art for offices and working places, periodically replaced art works at pop-up locations, nail-to-nail supervision.

  • Moderator & speaker: adequate conversation guidance at events, inspiring talk during a company meeting, custom-made lectures.

  • Positioning: portfolio review, setting out all relevant funds, a potential match with the right gallery, referral to suitable contacts from the network of Lauwer.

  • Publication: innovative articles, an essay relating to a theme, a round of proof reading, the practicing of peer review.

  • Research & teaching: in-depth research into a theme in or aspect of the arts, a lecture series and guest lectures within the higher education.

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